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I had an amazing experience with morcego, he was very polite and welcoming. He took his time doing my tattoo, and focusing on the little details. His space was very clean and comfortable, I will only be going to him from now on for my future tattoos! 

-Victoria Poisant 

Hi my name is jovelyn and I got my very first tattoo with morcego. When I first met morcego I thought he was super calm and very positive. He has a very positive attitude and if your nervous he explains all of the steps for the tattoo and how to take care of it very well. He’s also very patient, I was so indecisive when I went to get mine because I didn’t know what kind of font or size I wanted for the quote I got. He wants nothing but the best for his clients and to make sure that when they are leaving iconic ink they are happy with what they got. 

-Jovelyn flores

I went to Iconic Ink in Grafton to get a tattoo with my sister before we both went off to college again. When I met Morcego he was super friendly and really helpful in making sure that our tattoo was going to turn out the way we envisioned it. I really loved how friendly he was but also how efficient and clean he kept his area and equipment. I really appreciated the professional side of things as well as the personal side and would recommend him to my friends anytime!

-Sarah Sullivan

Morcego is one of the most helpful tattoo artists you could have. He takes his time to make sure he and the client are on the same page about the design. He is patient and careful with his line work. I highly recommend morcego for any tattoo!
-Samuel Spanos

Certainly! I cannot recommend Morcego enough, he was my first tattoo artist and he did such an amazing job. He explained the entire process and was extremely patient with any questions I had. During the tattooing he was engaging and was incredibly careful about the details, resulting in an amazing tattoo that I love. Since then I have gotten a second and am planning on getting more!  I will only trust him to be my tattoo artist, he has a loyal customer for life.
-Alex Hackathorn

I met Morcego in June of 2016. An apprentice at the time, he confidently tattooed me, and I couldn't have had a better first experience! His process was very thorough and he made sure I was comfortable the whole time. A year later I returned for my second piece, a realistic dagger. Morcego has clearly grown as an artist and he was able to capture my vision to the T. Looking forward to many more!

-Nicholas Chiancola


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How old do I have to be to get tattooed? 

You must be 18 years old with a valid government issued ID. We will photocopy your license as part of the record keeping regulations. Does it hurt? 

 Yes it does. The needles will penetrate your skin and the pain depends on your tolerance and on what body part you will get tattooed. The pain is tolerable.  

What are your hours? 

 We are primarily an appointment only custom shop, so our hours vary. On Saturdays we take walk-ins on a first come, first serve basis. We strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment.  

Can I bring my own design? 

 Yes, but it may need to be converted into a tattoo design. Some styles of artwork do not work well as a tattoo.  We will work with you on your selection of the artwork and style.  

 Most of our work is custom drawn for each client so you won’t see a lot of flash on our walls.  We do have some ‘flash’ stored on the computer that we can use for reference in your design selection.  

There are also online resources where you can acquire tattoo designs. These resources include:  

 Tattoo Finder Cherry Creek Flash Tattoo Johnny Liquid Skin Bullseye Tattoo Google Images  

Do you do piercing? 

No, we only do tattoos.  

How much does it cost? I charge 75$ and with larger projects the price can be negotiated  

We have a shop minimum of $70. That is to cover the set up time and use of all single use equipment involved in the tattoo process.  

How do I set an appointment? You can stop by the shop and talk to an artist to go over your ideas. It is not possible to quote a price over the phone. When you are ready to set an appointment we will ask for a $50 deposit to reserve your time. The $50 deposit will be deducted from the total cost of your tattoo. If you need to reschedule your appointment please notify us 48 hours in advance or you will risk losing your deposit.  

 There is a lot of work involved in preparing a custom design such as research and drawing. You are not charged for this. Your hourly rate is based on the time you sit in the artists chair only. That is why we insist on a deposit.  

How safe is tattooing? 

 Tattooing is safe when done properly. That is why you should only get tattooed in a professional licensed shop. Professional shops are granted a license by the local authorities to practice their art and must adhere to strict regulations. These regulations are in place to protect the health and well being of the client.  

 At Iconic Ink Tattoo we are what is referred to as a ‘disposable shop’. We only use single use needles, tubes, inks, grips, and tips. Your artist will open new needles and tubes in your presence and will wear gloves during your tattoo application procedure.  

 Since we are a professional shop, we can purchase the finest inks and supplies that are only available to professional shops. Reputable tattoo suppliers will only sell to licensed shops.  

Do you have gift certificates available? 

 Yes we do. They are for sale at the shop.  

Should I tip my artist?  

Tipping is greatly appreciated but not mandatory.

What type of training do you have? 

Our artists are professional tattoo artists who are trained in First Aid, CPR, and Blood Borne Pathogens. The Skin Course offered by the Quincy, MA Health Department is also a requirement for professional tattooing.

Will you tattoo the name of my girlfriend?

Sure we will. Please read the above answer first. Most of our ‘cover up’ business is to hide names of old girlfriends. Use your best judgment when getting a name tattooed on you.

Will you tattoo my face?
No. A tattoo lasts forever and you need to think about how you would feel about a face tattoo 20 years from now. Tattooing above the collarbone, below the wrists, and below the ankles is discouraged.  We will tattoo your hands and feet but sometimes the tattoos do not show as well on these areas of the body.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and most major credit cards.
Should I drink before the tattoo to help deal with the pain?
No. If you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs we will not give you a tattoo. Alcohol will thin the blood making you bleed more and impact your ability to accept the ink.

How should I let my new tattoo heal?

Healing instructions page can be found here and you can download a PDF copy here.